Thursday, 15 November 2012

Rush Hour in the City

The clocks have gone back and now we are all using our lights on the way home and first thing in the morning if you leave before 7am. The Brompton is lit up like a Christmas tree.


The Brompton Bumble B said...

Glad you use your lights, really gets on my wick when I see cyclist riding around with only 1 or no lights at all

Will B said...

Me too, especially when they're cloaked all in black!

ACL said...

I rode from Green Park to Moorgate to meet a friend this evening, then home to Deptford. My longest ride so far, and my time riding through the whole city during rush hour. It was energising to be amongst so many other cyclists, let alone Brompton riders. Good to see such a fair mix of male and female, less so to find a number with poor lighting. Your posts ages ago on Cateye loop lights and making sure one's batteries are in good shape really stuck, so I have both a Cateye and a habit of fastidiously changing my batteries whenever the lights look a bit flat.

I've been a cyclist for eighteen months, and seriously on roads for a year now, in part thanks to you. What an experience!

Chandra said...

Very nice urban shot!
Paz :)

Cycling in Heels said...


Impressive bike run from Moorgate to Deptford especially at this time of year. Well done. I have just brought two more small lights and one goes on my Superdry bag. 18 months on your Brompton!!