Saturday, 1 December 2012

Brompton, Boots and Bagaboo

The freezing weather has arrived and it is warmer to pedal than walk. As much as I love my Superdry bag I had to get out the Bagaboo because I need to carry my lock again and iPad and all the other stuff like bike lights. When it is this cold having a bag on my back keeps me warm. The soft sole ankle boots I got in September are still fabulous on or off the bike.


John Broadway said...

The freezing cold weather also brings us salt on our roads Grace, and having picked up my lovely new Brompton today, I am worried that salt may damage its looks, though I will keep a close eye on my bike and clean it whenever I can. Have you had any issue with salt damage on yours and if so, where does it attack the most?

Cycling in Heels said...

Hi John. The grit lorries have been out in my area too. But after four years the only damage on the paintwork is recent - a small area on the one of the forks almost the size of a 5p piece. Your hub may corrode slightly after a year but will still work very well. I only changed my chain this year because it had lost tension.

John Broadway said...

Thanks Grace, this is useful to know.

I started my own blog yesterday and salt and grit is now the least of my worries after having had two mishaps today and on my first ride! Oh gawd LOL. Nothing untoward happened on the work's Brompton that I did a few hundred miles on. It's always the new stuff with me that gets damaged.