Sunday, 17 November 2013

Going to the shops

Took the Brompton to Oxford Street yesterday to return a couple items. It has been so long since I have cycled in the West End on a weekend that I forgot my rules. 1. Don’t cycle on Saturdays in the centre of town. 2. Don’t shop on a weekend five weeks before Christmas. It was crazy. I also forgot that there is no place to lock a bike Oxford Street. I managed to lock the bike on a handrail outside Marks & Spencer, but had to take it with me inside Debenhams. I got the refunds and then straight home, by tube. I found pedestrians wandering into the road more dangerous than taxis and buses.

I wore my new ankle boots that are from John Lewis and they passed the Brompton pedal test.


GreenBici said...

Lovely boots, Grace. I too stay away from shops during the holiday season.

Paz :)

Dottie said...

First, those boots are badass.

Second, riding a Brompton to Oxford Street sounds so perfectly English. This American loves it. :)

ashcroftchops said...

Never ridden my Brompton in London but I love to ride mine in Manchester city centre and tour the coffee shops. Just thought id share that with you :-)

Grace Black said...

Manchester sounds 'bike friendly'

Digitalesse said...

Hey, just want to say, I'm really missing your art blog which I found very inspiring. Hope you are still making art.

Best wishes.

Grace Black said...

Thank you for reading. It has not gone forever and I still draw every day.