Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Bright Lights

I recently bought the Brompton LED rear light but only got around to putting it this week. While I knew I had to remove the rear reflector this was not a simple as I had expected because of trying to get around the carrier rack to screw the reflector off and then get the light on. Managed it in the end but nearly gave up until I found that I did have a tiny wrench in my tool tray which meant I could tighten the nut on the rack.

The rear light comes with a battery inside so it was ready to go. I will have to go back to Brompton Junction where I got the light to get them to show me how to replace the batteries as I could not see how the back opened. The downside is that I will have to again go through the hassle of unscrewing the light off and then on again.

I have also bought the Lezyne Zecto Drive lights. This are USB rechargeable and were £45 for the pair from Evan Cycles in their sale. You can buy them separately. The beams are powerful and I like that I can wrap them easily around the post and handle bar. The other advantage for me is that I can transfer the same light to my Trek bike. If you are buying the pair open up the package in the shop as I discovered that the pack only had one holder strap and I had to go back to Evans to get another. I still use my Electron Backupz lights as well. This are tiny but bright lights that I usually just leave on the Brompton. I even forget they are there until I turn them on. Still have the ‘cheapo’ lights I bought in Clas Ohlson a few years ago. They are still going strong and I have not had to replace the batteries for over a year.

Why so many lights? I don’t use a reflector vest. I do have a reflector belt that I occasionally use when I remember but vests, belts and gloves are the things I then to leave behind on a train.

Additional info:
You can buy the Brompton LED lights separately but they are advertised as a pair on the website.  I struggled to find the link in the first place.  As much as I love Brompton their website has always been poor.  It is difficult to navigate and the pages are always slow to load.


Rebecca Olds said...

Those all look excellent - especially the Lezyne ones. I like the flexi straps. I use Knog Gekko lights, front and rear, to supplement the battery-powered lights that came with the Brompton. Again, easy on, easy off. But usually they just stay on the B. :)

Sophie said...

Just thinking about the lezyne ones - are they good for seeing as well as being seen?

Grace Black said...

Hi Sophie

I have just tested shining the front light in a dark room. I found I was able to see everything in front of me. But there are other lights that are brighter than this one if you need to see more.