Saturday, 23 August 2014

The Brompton got a service

I completely forgot to service the Brompton last August. Well I remembered in October and by then I thought I would wait until the New Year and then I forgot again until this month. My Brompton is 6 years old and still holding up very well. The paint has gone in a couple tiny areas but everything is still ok. I got the service done at Compton Cycles in Catford, South London where I bought the Brompton. They still have the widest choice of Bromptons in South London for a non-chain outlet. The cost of the service was £109 and it was done in a day. Which I thought was very good as I had to replace a broken chain mudguard; the rear mud guard which had fallen off somewhere and the elastic straps on the back rack (I am amazed these lasted 6 years). I was shown a carry handle for the Brompton made by Off yer Bike. (Forgot to take a photo.) Cost is about £40 but it looks like it is worth the money as you can carry the Brompton from the middle and not the seat which is awkward at times especially going up and down stairs. This is going on my Christmas list.


andiknit2 said...

Just started reading your blog and love to see what you are doing. I'm thinking about buying a Brompton...
Keep on bloggin! It is nice to see a sistah from across the pond too!
Mirna C.

Grace Black said...

Hi Mirna. Thank you for reading and lovely comment. Keeping the blog going has been a struggle this year but I am still cycling and posting.

Leslie said...

After reading your last post, I bought an OYB handle as well. I'd always preferred carrying the Brompton by the frame and not the saddle - it's more balanced - but my hands are small, and my fingers regularly slipped. The OYB handle does away with all that. Thanks for the tip. Sadly, my cycling is limited now. I've developed one of those horrible neurological diseases that upset your sense of balance and lose you control of your muscles. I'm not so safe in traffic nowadays, though I still get out as often as I can.

I've enjoyed reading your blog, and shall carry on doing so. If nothing else, I can 'Brompton' by proxy!

Thanks for keeping it up.

Grace Black said...

Hi Leslie
So sorry you’ve lost your sense balance but hopefully not your sense of humour. I am becoming more wary of heavy traffic too and long for more proper cycle paths.

I didn’t buy the handle but now that you have told me that it works I will go back and get one.
Take care.

Chandra said...

I carry mine by the top-tube.
A handle might definitely be more functional.

My fear is tripping on steps while carrying my Brompton, especially on rainy days. So, I carry the bike in my right hand and walk on the left side of the steps (wrong side here), so I can grab the railing, should I slip.

Peace :)

Leslie said...

Using the OYB handle, the carrying balance is slightly altered, so I've found it more comfortable to 'turn the bike round' - ie. to carry it with the saddle at the front. In this way the bike 'leans' away from you. The handle is very secure though, and easy to grip.

Grace Black said...

That seems to make sense. Carrying the bike is the toughest part these days. I had to traverse through Bank Station yesterday from the DLR platform to the Central Line in rush hour. Not good.

Chandra Eswaran said...

Hi Grace,
Nice to read about the recent addition to your Christmas List. Hope you get it :)

I carry mine by the top tube, as do many others. Carrying it down the stairs, on rainy days is somewhat tricky for me. My strongest arm is my right arm, but we also walk on the right in States, making it hard to grab the railing at the same time, as a precaution. For such instances, the 'On Yer Bike Handle' might be very useful, I believe.

Good to see you are still riding strong!
Go Grace!!

Have a Beautiful Day!
Peace :)