Squashed bike pump

I was carrying a lot of stuff on my back and on the bike last week on Oxford Street when I heard a clunk and the back wheel seized. I got off to find that the Brompton bike pump, which I have never used, had slipped off and was squashed between the spokes of the wheel. I was more worried about the wheel than the pump. But no, all the spokes are fine. No damage at all. I guess this is down the to strength of the wheel. It has to be strong enough to carry an adult and so it is not going to put off by any tin & plastic pump!

I am not going to replace the pump. I haven’t got the strength to use a hand pump to get the pressure I need or even close. Cyclists generally carry pumps to allow them to do repairs on the road. If and when this happens to me with the Brompton I will be getting public transport or just wheeling the bike home.