Sensible shoes

What a surprise I have brought some more shoes! I love these because they are so sensible and they remind me of an old pair I had when I used to wear wide-legged trousers with cuffs. I don’t wear trousers at the moment and I plan to wear these shoes with my dresses and skirts. They are also perfect to cycle in. I went cycling yesterday on the Trek bike and I plan to test them on the Brompton this coming week.

They are made by Office and are called ‘Frank’ and come in a range of colours, including red, mustard yellow and blue.

Me, trying on the shoes in the Office shop in Bromley
Me, wearing the shoes on the way back from the supermarket.


Funny, I was looking at these:

in Office on Saturday. I didn't try them on though, as I had a toddler in tow :-(

Yours look a more practical solution, but I was trying to work out if the others had a concealed platform sole or not, which is actually more sensible when I've got the kids on the bike as the extra height helps with stopping and starting!
Cycling in Heels said…
I saw those brogues too. I have a similar pair by Clarks in a box somewhere.