Bike shops - Velorution - Marylebone

It has been a long long time since I used to nip in and out of various bike shops in London and some have gone or just moved premises. I used to make many trips to Velorution back in the day but before I took my long break from the Brompton Velorution came under new ownership and started stocking very expensive sport bikes and these did not include Bromptons. However Velorution has expanded and there are now three shops in London. Because they stock Carradice Brompton bags online I thought I would make a trip to the Marylebone branch. (I have just checked and they now only carry the Carradice Stockport bag which I already have.) Verdict. Hmmm Not super friendly and but not unfriendly. Lots of bikes but few Bromptons and not much in the way of accessories. I guess because Brompton Junction is ten minutes away they will not stock a lot of Bromptons or accessories for the Brompton. They did not have the Carradice Brompton bag I wanted but offered to order it which I can do myself. I was looking for small rechargeable lights which they did not have. I will not be going back. Not because the shop was terrible, they just don’t have anything for me. I will pop into the Hackney and Islington branches in I am in those areas to see if there is a difference. Velorution - Marylebone 75-77 Great Portland Street, London W11 7LR